Local community members will quickly recognise the benefits of working with fixed fee accountants to handle their financial affairs.

From everyday residents to community organisations, institutions and business enterprises, participants at all levels can take advantage of these specialists.

Unless there is experience and education in the field of accounting, it is difficult to remain abreast of updates to the tax code and the expansion of investment opportunities that are out there in the market.

Rather than rushing through at tax time prior to the June 30 deadline and hoping to get by on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis each week, why not see what these practitioners have to offer at a local level?


Client Budgeting

The great benefit of fixed fee accountants is in the name. Instead of having to be concerned about a fluctuating price range that could place individuals and companies in jeopardy, local clients are able to outline a budget for partnering with a specialist who can handle all of their financial responsibilities. Although there will be a difference paid to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) on an annual basis, the price for doing business with a representative will remain the same. That is peace of mind that is worth investing in regardless of the circumstances.


Expert Service Efficiency

While there can be some complications around specialist services that are designed around hourly contracts, the use of fixed fee accountants drives towards complete efficiency. From creating a schedule for tax return provisions to establishing a timeline for budgeting, financial planning and risk management, how to leverage new investment opportunities, growing a portfolio and engaging employee education training, there is great efficiency to be enjoyed with fixed fee operators. Rather than being consumed by the hours and how much work can be clocked on a surface level, these practitioners are purely focused on providing value for their constituents.


Avoiding The Hidden Charges

One of the biggest challenges that local clients can face when dealing with specialists who are not operating as fixed fee accountants is dealing with the hidden fees and charges. It is not even the amount itself that is often a challenge to handle, but the lack of budgeting and foresight that is afforded through a retainer or hourly rate policy. Especially in a financially volatile environment where premiums are going up and down, the security of a fixed fee arrangement really does become an asset for clients at all levels of business.


Flexible Package Arrangements

Local clients who want to be able to leverage access to fixed-fee accountants can opt into a service that meets their budget and their ongoing responsibilities. For businesses and participants overseeing numerous assets, they could very well preference a high-end package that keeps an eye over all operations 24/7. This will be commensurate with reporting, recommendations, forecasting and beyond. Others will select a modest approach where they can set their watch to tax returns and engaging consultations for monetary management. The entry-level will vary but everyone will have the same chance to utilise their expertise.


Covering All Accounting Practices

Hiring fixed fee accountants is all about optimising financial opportunities, lowering risks and adhering to key monetary responsibilities. Nothing is off-limits for these operators, featuring tax returns, auditing, financial planning, forecasting and ticking all boxes from a legal point of view. There are some people and companies who are happy to take on this burden off their own accord, but the existence of an impartial and objective assessor to give detail and insight really does act as an asset for short, medium and long-term interests. To have peace of mind with monetary matters, it is hard to look beyond fixed fee accountants.


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