Organising wedding invitations is one of the most important things you need to do in preparation for your big day. However, trying to be original and come up with a truly unique idea can be stressful and it might just be easier for you to leverage good ideas from other examples that exist already.

Thanks to the power of the internet, there’s no shortage of amazing inspiration online to influence how you create something really memorable. The following will examine some great tips and ideas for your wedding invitations.


Don’t put too much on there

One common mistake lots of couples make with their wedding invitations is that they cram too much useless information on there. While it can be nice to fill everyone in on the story of your last couple of years and what lead you to get engaged, this is best left for speeches on the big day rather than make someone read at their letterbox.

When people look at your wedding invitations, it is meant to be a very quick experience where they know immediately what’s going on and can get excited. If you put too much crap in between the introduction and the details people will get bored and may not be eager to come to your bid day.


Spend a long time choosing a font


Choose a font carefully because you will only get one chance. You want to go with someone that reflects the level of formality you intend to go with. A classical church ceremony would be suit a classical cursive typeface while a destination beach event might warrant something more in-line with that vibe.


Don’t leave them too late

Another common mistake people make is that they send their wedding invitations out too late and don’t give people enough notice. If you are getting married in a very exotic place that people need to travel and book accommodation for then you would obviously want to give them more notice so they can organise everything.

If you leave your wedding invitation too late some people will simply not be able to attend, because they have other commitments that they can’t get away from and it will be your fault not theirs.


Stick to the theme

wedding invitation

Of course, if you went with a beachy theme or a something else then you would want the wedding invitations to reflect that theme in the colours and images used. For example, a beachy letter would have something like palm trees while a classical one might only have elaborate ornamentation in the bordering.

Think about the letters as a complete package that serves to give a true taste of what your big day is going to be like and get your guest list excited.


Try something unique

If you want to make your wedding invitations really stand out, then you would need to do something somewhat unconventional. While it doesn’t need to totally original, it helps if nobody in your circle of friends or family has even seen anything like it before as it adds to the wow factor.

Some examples of unique letters include ones with small pencils included to ‘pencil in’ the date or some other novelty that they will distinctly remember. Hopefully the above helps you when designing your wedding invitations so that you can delight all of your guests.